Our Mission

To create the world's most sustainable and high-quality health supplements.

For you and the planet.

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All the benefits of fish oil, without the environmental impact. We don’t stress already fragile aquatic ecosystems to produce our products.

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Our Story

In 2020, a routine check-up threw us a surprise. Despite being young and healthy, Prateek’s cholesterol levels were higher than expected for someone his age. To make things worse, we discovered we both were at a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases due to family history.

Add that to everything else going on in 2020 and our health became our top priority. So we optimized our diets and ramped up our exercise. But despite living a “picture perfect” healthy lifestyle, it still wasn’t enough.

Our doctors recommended fish oil supplements. Being vegetarians, we weren't too excited about the idea of gulping down capsules of oil harvested from captive fish. We didn't feel like it was fair that we had to choose between our health and our morals.

We knew nature had to have a better solution.

That's when we discovered that there were vegan omega-3 oil supplements on the market that could offer a sustainable substitute to fish oil.

But we were disappointed again.

We found that the majority of these capsules contained carrageenan, which is known to cause stomach inflammation.

Realizing that there was nothing on the market that truly fit our needs, we decided to create our own product.

We set out to create something pure, sustainable, and good for the environment.

And that’s how Calgee was born. Calgee is a mission-driven health and wellness company dedicated to leveraging its presence to positively impact the environment. Staying true to our commitment to the planet, we decided to join 1% For The Planet on Day 1, and we are committed to joining the B-Corp movement in the near future.

Be well,
Prateek & Shreya

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Values That Drive Us

People and Planet First

Improving our health means nothing if we have to hurt the planet to do it. That’s why we’re creating a climate-neutral brand. From product to packaging, we strive to make the best decisions for our planet and implement environmentally conscious choices.

People and Planet First

Only the Best

We’re obsessed with quality - because our health and our lives depend on it. That’s why we use only the highest quality, premium ingredients in our products. We’ll never leave you wondering about what you put in your body because transparency is just as important to us as it is to you.

Only the Best

Ideas are the Mother of Innovation

Innovation is what drives us to find better solutions without the usual drawbacks. This is what lets us create healthy products that offer the best possible quality without any compromises.

Ideas are the Mother of Innovation

Work Towards Our Greater Good

We strive to be the standard that other brands have to match. Social justice, fair pay, and equity are central to everything we do as a brand. And when you choose us, you help support these values and contribute not just to a better environment, but a better society.

Work Towards Our Greater Good

Join us in shrinking our environmental footprints while retaining an ocean's worth of goodness.

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